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Make Rendang Daging With Spicy Sauce

August 12, 2015

Make Rendang Daging With Spicy Sauce - Previously I've shared the recipe how to make delicious meat stews and certainly very exciting. And this time I will be taking a bit of my time to share one of the recipes that will make your tongue addicted, namely how to make tempeh recipe bacem. Talking about bacem, one of the ways of processing food from Central Java is very popular and widely applied by housewives to present a fried tempeh with a distinctive taste and is different from fried tempeh in general. Let's go, here are the steps.

The first step, prepare all the ingredients and marinade as I have mentioned above. Furthermore, puree onion, garlic, nutmeg, coriander, ginger, and turmeric in a manner pulverized or blended. Combine seasoning had been smoothed with coconut milk, then stir until well blended. Enter lemongrass, galangal, bay leaves, tamarind, salt and brown sugar, then stir again until well blended.

Enter the tempeh into it, and cook using medium heat until the sauce dries out, then set aside. Pour cooking oil into the frying pan, then fry tempeh until it turns a brownish color, then drain. Tempe bacem style hand you are ready to eat with loved ones.

How tempe bacem you made? Do savory and delicious? I hope you bacem tempeh made using recipes that I share this work, and have a good taste so delicious. Do not forget to try the other recipes that are not less delicious

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