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Once easy The Spicy Sayur Lodeh Cooking

September 8, 2015

Once easy The Spicy Sayur Lodeh Cooking - But lately Coconut Ice Cream served with a more unique and beautiful with a variety of fruit that menemainya. you've ever tried Young Coconut Ice Cream served over fresh young coconut shells yet? Ice Cream Coconut with coconut shell container for dessert is currently a popular and contemporary. besides pieces of fruit, chocolate topping, jelly, cocopanda and fro who accompanied him, Young Coconut Ice Cream is often served with chocolate and wafer sticks chocolate or strawberry wafer so further creates an incredible taste.

Plus sensation of coconut shavings kopyor original texture of the ice cream to make soft and become distinctive. in addition to the original eaten just like that, you can also add fresh red syrup or brown sugar syrup into ice cream legit kopyor to be more fresh and delicious. well, for those of you who want to make their Young Coconut Ice Cream, yuck listened Practical Recipe Ice Cream such as materials and How to Make Ice Cream Coconut below.

Now that he's a practical recipe to make ice cream at home or with the main ingredient homemade coconut. very easy and practical is not it? Here you are free to be creative in the presentation of coconut ice cream to your taste. served in a bowl or glass okay, served in coconut shells or coconut shell is also okay. like Ice Cream or Ice Cream Coconut Shell Coconut shell that is beverages Fresh Typical Bandung lately more contemporary and popular in the city of Jakarta in 2015 that more color you can also mix a variety of ice cream such as vanilla ice cream, ice cream Stoberry and chocolate ice cream in a coconut ice cream.

Easy snack Roti Goreng Cheese Content

September 8, 2015

Easy snack Roti Goreng Cheese Content - Ice cream or ice cream is often referred to as this is one dessert that always exist until the present day. cold dish with a soft texture with a variety of fresh flavors often make ice cream is served as dessert or dessert after the big meal. even many restaurant that makes ice cream as the main menu there. it is not strange anymore if this ice cream has a lot of creative forms and appetizing taste.

In general, eneka Ice Cream made from resep roti goreng fresh fruits. fruity strawberry, melon, grapes, apples, mango, cherry, tea, honey, Vanilla, coconut and even younger. nah, have you ever heard of Young Coconut Ice Cream? actual Ice Cream Coconut Ice Cream is a simple dish heritage. Young Coconut Ice Cream because it has been there from time immemorial and is often called Es Puter or Ice Dungdung.

The continued development of Young Coconut Ice Cream more the resep kolak pisang creations are made with coconut fruit. Ice Cream made from water coconut alone, then made from shavings Coconut Old, Ice Cream with Kopyor Fantasy and the latter is Ice Cream made from young coconut water fresh along Kopyor of fruit Young Coconut Original very soft and throat. in general Ice Cream Coconut presented digelas-small glass beaker with a unique shape and Contong Ice Cream with a variety of flavors and colors.

Try Ayam Goreng With Special Gravy Spicy

August 12, 2015

Try Ayam Goreng With Special Gravy Spicy - one of a variety of meat dishes the most favored by many people is a stew of meat, boiled meat dish which is served with thick brown sauce made from soy sauce, onion, nutmeg and other spices that certainly makes you addicted. In the previous recipe, I've shared the recipe how to make simple coffè with a delicious taste and steady. And on this occasion, we will try a recipe that is not less deliciousnya, namely recipe makes a delicious meat stews and savory all.

With the scent produced from Rempahan will make this a very tasty meat stews, steadily and surely will spoil your tongue. You can sprinkle with fried onions on top in order to taste more delicious and exciting. Also try some of the following recipes, which certainly has a taste tempting.

Add soy sauce, pepper powder, brown sugar, salt, nutmeg, and stir again until well blended. Then cook the meat back until cooked and sauce semurnya shrink. Taste first, already established or not. If it feels just right, lift and stews of meat ready to be served. First of all, prepare beforehand all the ingredients and marinade. Wash meat thoroughly, then geprek puree ginger and spices such as onion, garlic, nutmeg, chili and beef stew with red curly.

Make Rendang Daging With Spicy Sauce

August 12, 2015

Make Rendang Daging With Spicy Sauce - Previously I've shared the recipe how to make delicious meat stews and certainly very exciting. And this time I will be taking a bit of my time to share one of the recipes that will make your tongue addicted, namely how to make tempeh recipe bacem. Talking about bacem, one of the ways of processing food from Central Java is very popular and widely applied by housewives to present a fried tempeh with a distinctive taste and is different from fried tempeh in general. Let's go, here are the steps.

The first step, prepare all the ingredients and marinade as I have mentioned above. Furthermore, puree onion, garlic, nutmeg, coriander, ginger, and turmeric in a manner pulverized or blended. Combine seasoning had been smoothed with coconut milk, then stir until well blended. Enter lemongrass, galangal, bay leaves, tamarind, salt and brown sugar, then stir again until well blended.

Enter the tempeh into it, and cook using medium heat until the sauce dries out, then set aside. Pour cooking oil into the frying pan, then fry tempeh until it turns a brownish color, then drain. Tempe bacem style hand you are ready to eat with loved ones.

How tempe bacem you made? Do savory and delicious? I hope you bacem tempeh made using recipes that I share this work, and have a good taste so delicious. Do not forget to try the other recipes that are not less delicious